One Heart Project has developed a comprehensive 21st Century Proven Metholodgy to assist youth develop and implement a career strategy that aligns with their personality, skills set and aptitudes, and a roadmap that results in high paid jobs tied to a youth strengths and work ethic.

In addition to addressing the issue of not being able to test “Work Ethic”, this program connects directly with Company CEO’s that will serve as invaluable assets and help those companies find much needed workers - and we represent a non-traditional labor pool.

Initial Career Program Rollout in Belton, Missouri on August 4th - see Tab Youth Health and Wellness for PRESS RELEASE on Belton Program.


Intelligent Career Initiative – Methodology

Belton, Missouri ALPHA SITE

MONTH ONE:    Program kickoff - commence Initiative through partnership with Heartland Motor Coaches & Lifequest Church. 

MONTH TWO:    Lay out vision for each youth / build their capacity / take Kolbe 'Y' / Holland Code Assessments and Integrate Heart of A Champion Program.

MONTH THREE: Interpretation & Discussion of Kolbe 'Y' and Holland Code. Begin interviewing for local “safe” jobs and get hired in a local job. 

MONTH FOUR:  This will lead to the beginning of developing self-awareness and a feeling of HOPEFULLNESS.

MONTH FIVE:    Match this self-awareness with career planning that suits personality. Incorporate the GRATITUDE factor.   

MONTH SIX:       Explore the understanding of one's purpose with career.  " Understanding your talents to live your purpose - "We are given talents......we choose how we are going to use them. (positive or negative)

ONGOING:         Groups meets periodically, and team starts new Initiative tied to Career Aspirations and next step options. The focus is all about showing initiatives for empowerment with a new found set of tools of awareness and skills sets.