what we do - With youth in the juvenile justice system!

Currently in the United States, there are 1,280 juvenile detention facilities. Every year, nearly a million kids are arrested and approximately 100,000 are incarcerated at any given time. The One Heart Project (OHP) seeks to fundamentally change this paradigm through an effort designed to help young people course correct before it is too late. Its costs OHP less than $6,000 per year to reach one child. On average, it costs the taxpayers $148,767 to incarcerate a juvenile offender for a year. 

Presently, the recidivism rate among juvenile offenders exceeds 70% based on a three-year average at a cost of $310,800. OHP’s goal is to reduce the recidivism rate to 20% and thus lowering the three-year average cost per offender to $79,920 – a savings of $230,880 per offender. 

With youth in the Juvenile Justice System, the OHP incorporates two different approaches; a redirection program and a reentry program. The redirection program combines social and emotional intelligence education curriculum and an adult mentor relationship. 

Upon acceptance into the program, the youth will participate in group mentoring sessions led by trained and certified facilitators. The sessions will be based on a 9-module curriculum program designed to improve the social and emotional intelligence of the youth offenders. 

Once accepted, the youth will also be paired with a mentor for one-on-one coaching in life skills. A proprietary software program will be employed to help best pair kids with mentors based on compatibility to produce sustainability. 

The reentry component of the program includes: job training, employment opportunities, life skills training, transitional housing and a variety of other services. 

Focusing on redirection and reentry allows the OHP to take a more holistic approach to the problems of youth incarceration and recidivism. It also draws multiple agencies and non-profits into a coordinated effort to provide a full path to change for the youth. 

OHP has proven success in pilot projects conducted in New York, Texas and Kansas City. OHP has a partnership with Baylor University to continue to research and report results, keeping the program on track and focusing various efforts into the strongest success. 

The OHP vision is to grow into communities across America, eventually reaching every youth correctional facility in the country.  This coupled with the breadth and depth of our other Youth Health and Wellness Initiatives, will drive significant changes positively impacting Youth - from those in the juvenile justice system - to those at risk of suicide - to others that need help with developing a career plan and have a successful professional and personal life.