Youth Health and Wellness Alpha Project





Youth Health and wellness - alpha project

Phase One:

Overall initial Phase 01 Approach is to build the foundation for a robust youth program across the community using the latest tools and technology to enhance the health and wellness of youth and provide them a foundation to plan their careers.


Utilize One Heart Project Career Tools to assess and help youth develop a plan for their careers based upon the Kolbe Index, Holland Code and Heart of a Champion Training and other tools and applications.

The initial rollout with be with LifeQuest Church in Belton and a partnership between Heartland Motor Coach, Heart n Hand, and the One Heart Project.

First event was held on August 4th and Fox4News was there to cover the event:


LifeQuest Church, Heartland Motor Coach and One Heart Project Kansas/Missouri Join Forces to Launch Career Program for Youth 

One of the biggest problems facing youth today, especially those at-risk or low-income, is the lack of a defined career path. Many don’t have the opportunity to go to college or vocational school, so they will spend adulthood going from one low-paying job to another. 

LifeQuest ChurchHeartland Motor Coach and One Heart Project Kansas/Missouri are working together to change that, and have launched a job coaching program within a sector of the transportation industry. The program will work with 20 teens for six months, teaching them how to detail motor coaches and learn about the various career options within the transportation industry, including driving. The Bureau of Laborexpects overall employment of bus drivers to grow six percent by 2026, about as fast as the average for all occupations. The six-month program will cover a full range of industries and career opportunities. 

 On Sunday, August 4, the program will kick off at LifeQuest church in Belton. Teens will learn how to detail vehicles, starting with two large motor coaches, and will be given their own detailing supplies to take home so they can detail cars on their own, and earn money. Teens will also be treated to a cookout. 

 Following the kickoff event on August 4, the One Heart Project ( start the six month program, in partnership with Dr. Ramon Corrales and job mentors focused on helping each participant develop a multi-year career strategy across multiple industries.  

“It’s not just about teaching kids how to detail vehicles,” said Chris Mehowski, Owner and CEO of Heartland Motor Coach. “It’s investing in them, letting them know that there are people who care and want them to succeed by teaching them the skills they’ll need to do so.” 

When: Sunday, August 4, from 5-7pm, 

Where: LifeQuest Church, 1400 N. Scott Ave., Belton, Mo 

Media opportunities:  
For more information, or to arrange interviews in advance, or visual live shots for a Sunday morning show, please contact Brenda Poor, 816.507.4870 or email,


Teen Health and Wellness

Tied to the Sources of Strength Program being implemented in Johnson County Schools and KC Area Catholic Schools.

Will develop modified program to serve 14 churches and youth groups that Heart n Hand supports.

Harvard University phone app to connect participants.


Align with Churches involved in the Sending Project in Belton and then expand to KC wide (300 churches involved currently).

Implement pilot of their Trauma Healing Program – targeted currently at adults – targeting youth population.

Conduct 3-hour Awareness Session of Trauma Healing Program at Heart n Hand for interested groups / churches.

Calvary University

Develop Mentoring Partnership with current college students to serve Belton and this youth program.